Data Telcom is a broker of new and proven, fully tested, quality refurbished IT infrastructure hardware

We buy and sell new and refurbished IT hardware products

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We sell and buy IT hardware

We sell new and proven, fully tested, high quality, refurbished IT infrastructure hardware products

We also buy back old IT equipment that is no longer being used

Save money on your IT hardware purchases

We sell new and quality refurbished IT equipment from the industry's best known manufacturers.

  • New hardware at WHOLESALE PRICES or better!
  • Proven, fully tested, quality refurbished equipment at prices up to 95% off MSRP!

Sell us your old IT infrastructure hardware

Your old hardware just that's just lying around is costing you money!

We buy old IT hardware that's no longer being used.
  • Maximize your IT investments!
  • Our buyback program, transforms your old IT infrastructure hardware into a revenue stream!

Looking to save money?

Compatible optical transceivers are just as good as the OEM originals and cost a lot less.

Were you aware?

That optical transceivers can represent up to 15% of capital expenditures?

Pay up to 90% LESS than the cost of vendor original optical transceivers, when buying compatibles!

Data Telcom is channel focused

We are and independent IT hardware distributor and broker

Since 2014, we’ve been helping resellers, systems integrators and service providers deliver products that the regular channels are unable to. We provide:
  • IT hardware products from industry leaders
  • Wholesale prices or better on new and proven fully tested, quality refurbished IT hardware
  • A buyback program enabling you to sell us your old decommissioned IT hardware
  • Knowledge, experience, expertise, quick responses and fast product deliveries.
Bottom line, be it pre-sales or post-sales, we are always there, ready to assist our clients.

Our mission objectives are simple:

  • Help you save MONEY on your IT purchases.
  • Enable you to turn your old hardware that’s no longer being used into a REVENUE STREAM!
  • TOTAL customer satisfaction

We offer wholesale prices or better on the products we sell.

As far as old products no longer being used are concerned, we offer fair market value on all IT hardware equipment buyback requests presented to us.

We sell new and refurbished IT equipment

Buy new and refurbished networking and telecommunications hardware, servers, data storage systems and their peripherals.

Buying from us gives you an edge

We sell new cutting edge as well as proven, fully tested quality refurbished IT hardware products.

Combining new with refurbished technologies makes good business sense. In doing so:

  • You insure that your data processing business requirements are met for years to come.
  • You also lower your total cost of ownership and capital expenditures.
Bottom line, a winning solution for your business. A solution that "potentially" may even provide you with an edge against your competitors!

Our focus is on the following types of products and vendors.

Products and vendors

Save money on your IT infrastructure hardware purchases!

Wholesale prices or better on both new and qualiy refurbished products
Your old obsolete hardware still has value. Turn it into a revenue stream using our buyback program

We buy old IT hardware that's no longer in use

You currently have or, following an upgrade of your IT infrastructures, you now have IT equipment that is no longer being used?

Those products are costing you money!

Why not take advantage of our buyback program? Our asset recovery and buyback program can turn your  legacy hardware into CASH!

This service will:
  • Provides you with an additional source of revenues.
  • Maximize your returns on product investments.
  • Allow you to increase your budgets.
We are always on the lookout for buying opportunities. If you have some old equipment on hand that you will never use again, take advantage of our buyback program? See what you can get for your obsolete hardware.
We have access to a large inventory of new and refurbished hardware products at all times!

Why do business with Data Telcom?

Simply put, we are the business partner you want!

Reasons why you would be interested in dealing with us are quite simple. We:

  • Enable you to save «time »and «money »!
  • Have access to a vast portfolio of IT equipment
  • Sell at « wholesale prices » or better!
  • Work with a «global network »of suppliers. As a result, we have access to over $60M inventory at all times!
  • Provide knowledge, expertise, experience and outstanding customer service.
  • Have a multi-disciplinary and dedicated team of professionals ready to assist you at all times. Each team member has over 28 years of experience in the IT world.

Data Telcom's terms and conditions, corporate policies and procedures. Our commitment towards our customers.

Data Telcom is not just another supplier.

We are a proactive business partner you can count on at all times and, we make it a point to enter into a mutually profitable relationship with all our customers.

You're a reseller, a systems integrator or a service provider looking for products that are hard to find? We can help you with that.

Refurbished IT hardware products, a winning solution for all businesses.

We strive for total customer satisfaction

That goal is achieved by providing our customers with:

  • Quality products and all their associated peripherals, as well as quality 3rd party compatibles, at very competitive prices!
  • Rapid shipping and deliveries. All of which are accommpanied by shipment tracking reports.
  • Products from the IT industry's market leaders
  • A «minimum »1-year warranty on all the products we sell.
When looking to purchase hardware products for your IT infrastructures, having a supplier that understands your business' needs, who is knowledgeable and can provide accurate and concise information is critical!

Need products and great prices?

At Data Telcom, we don't just sell to customers, we enter into a business partnership agreement with every one of our clients

Data Telcom delivers on both

Companies are always on the lookout for ways to stay ahead of their competitors. One way to do this is to use the full potential information technologies offer.

However, when it comes to buying, pricing and budgetary constraints are always a concern. With this in mind, that's why companies are also always looking for ways to save money!

Data Telcom addresses these realities by offering new, quality refurbished and used information technology hardware equipment. And, we sell those products at WHOLESALE prices or better!

And that’s not all!

In addition to selling products at wholesale prices or better, we have a buyback program for old equipment that’s no longer needed! With this program, Data Telcom truly enables you to maximize your returns on investments!

By selling us your old unused IT assets, you’re turning them into a REVENUE STREAM. Now THAT’s a deal!

Our customers are important to us and, we want to establish long term business relationships with them. Therefore, we make it a point to enter into a partnership agreement with each and everyone of our clients and, we proactively work towards making it a winning partnership for everyone.

Areas of expertise

Whilst taking into account your budget restrictions and delivery deadlines, our specialty is to find and deliver products that standard channels are unable to supply

Thanks to our global network of suppliers, we have virtually no limitations as to the types of hardware products we can supply. Therefore Data Telcom is highly confident that, when it comes to information technology hardware products, we are able to meet your business requirements and needs, as well as exceed your expectations.

Whatever the reasons are

Chances are good that Data Telcom can meet, satisfy and even exceed your business needs and expectations.

Data Telcom is proud to offer high-end IT equipment at very affordable prices and, we make sure the products we supply meet both yours and ours high standards of quality and performance.

Is it time for an update or upgrade?

Have you considered reseller refurbished equipment?

Save money by buying quality, fully tested refurbished networking equipment, servers, data storage systems and peripherals.

Buying refurbished products results in significant savings! Data Telcom sells high quality, proven and fully tested reseller refurbished networking and telecommunications equipment, servers, data storage systems and all their peripherals.

All are at very attractive prices and backed by a solid warranty.

Buying quality reseller refurbished products enables you to get discounts up to 95% off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price!
Stop hesitating! Call (844) 859-0986 and START SAVING today!

Ask us for a quote and discover how buying IT hardware products from us can:

Do you have old equipment you’re no longer using? Discover how our buyback program can: