Data Telcom is a broker of new and proven, fully tested, quality refurbished IT infrastructure hardware

We sell and buy back IT infrastructure equipment

Your trusted source for hard to find IT hardware products

Buy at wholesales prices or better

Ability to provide accurate information, expertise and quality hardware products are all key factors to Data Telcom’s success

Save money!

We sell cutting-edge new and refurbished products at wholesale prices or better!

We also buy back old, obsolete IT equipment that is no longer in use

Buy new and refurbished networking and telecommunications hardware, servers, data storage systems and their peripherals.

We stock and source new and refurbished legacy IT equipment

Just because a product is discontinued (EoL and/or EoS) and no longer available, doesn't mean it needs to be replaced right away with the newer version!

As a matter of fact, even though some companies and institutions do either a partial or complete hardware refresh every 5 years or so, most IT hardware products are more than capable to meet processing requirements for 10 plus years!

Legacy IT equipment needs will always exist!

For those companies and institutions who don't do a complete refresh every few years or simply can't afford to, Data Telcom is the solution you're looking for when:
  • You need to buy products that regular channels are no longer able to provide.
    • We sell new and refurbished legacy IT equipment
  • You have budget constraints that make it difficult to purchase newly released equipment, needed to meet your business, performance and reliability requirements.

Data Telcom is channel focused

Looking to buy IT infrastructure equipment?

We offer wholesale prices or better on new and refurbished IT equipment!

Have some old unused IT equipment on hand?

Turn those old IT assets into a revenue source by using our buyback program

Interested in saving even more money?

Compatibles are just as good as the vendor originals AND, can cost up to 95% LESS!

Product offerings

Data Telcom's terms and conditions, corporate policies and procedures. Our commitment towards our customers.

Data Telcom is not just another supplier.

We are a proactive business partner you can count on at all times and, we make it a point to enter into a mutually profitable relationship with all our customers.

You're a reseller, a systems integrator or a service provider looking for products that are hard to find? We can help you with that.

Need products and great prices?

And that’s not all!

In addition to selling products at wholesale prices or better, we have a buyback program for old equipment that’s no longer needed! With this program, Data Telcom truly enables you to maximize your returns on investments!

By selling us your old unused IT assets, you’re turning them into a REVENUE STREAM. Now THAT’s a deal!

Our customers are important to us and, we want to establish long term business relationships with them. Therefore, we make it a point to enter into a partnership agreement with each and everyone of our clients and, we proactively work towards making it a winning partnership for everyone.

Whatever the reasons are

Chances are good that Data Telcom can meet, satisfy and even exceed your business needs and expectations.

Data Telcom is proud to offer high-end IT equipment at very affordable prices and, we make sure the products we supply meet both yours and ours high standards of quality and performance.

Is it time for an upgrade?

Have you considered reseller refurbished equipment?

Data Telcom sells high quality, proven and fully tested reseller refurbished networking and telecommunications equipment, servers, data storage systems and all their associated peripherals, add-on modules and options.

All are at very attractive prices and backed by a solid warranty


Buying refurbished products results in significant savings!

Buying quality reseller refurbished products enables you to get discounts up to 95% off the manufacturer's suggested retail price!

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  • GET MONEY BACK for your old IT hardware products that are no longer of any use to you!
  • Truly MAXIMIZE your RETURNS on your IT equipment investments!