Data Telcom is a broker of new and proven, fully tested, quality refurbished IT infrastructure hardware

We sell and buy back IT infrastructure equipment

Get some money back! Sell your old IT hardware

Knowledge is power!

Sell your old IT hardware that's no longer being used. Turn those products into a revenue stream.

Get some money back! Sell your old IT hardware

Continue reading as knowing is truly key, to making more informed decisions

Sell your old IT hardware!

Consider this:

Your old products that are no longer being used still have value!

We offer fair market value on old IT hardware equipment

Buying refurbished is good business as it enables you to save money!

Your old IT hardware still has value!

Take advantage of this opportunity to get some money back!

Sell your old equipment and profit from it thanks to our buyback program. You can recover money by selling them to us!

Equipment buyback program

For more than 8 years, our team of experts has been helping large, medium and small organizations to leverage and maximize their investments in IT equipment.

As indicated on our buyback program page, Data Telcom is always on the lookout for hardware purchase opportunities. We purchase wired and wireless network and telecommunications equipment, IP telephony products, servers, storage systems, tape drives and libraries as well as all their associated peripherals.

Since we make the equipment buyback process quick and easy, organizations and businesses of all types and sizes have benefited from our buyback program.

Your old unused IT hardware equipment still has value. Use our buyback program and sell it to us.

Maximize your returns on IT investments!

  • Get some money back!
  • Turn those old hardware products that are no longer being used into a revenue source!​
This is what you get when you use our equipment buyback program! This is the perfect chance for you to increase your budgets!

Sell your old obsolete equipment that is no longer in use!

Get some money back!

We buy networking and telecommunications products, IP telephony equipment, servers, storage systems and all their associated peripherals.

Many people ask where do refurbished products come from?

The buyback process is simple and fast

We like to make things simple and easy for our customers and prospects.

Starting the buyback process

  • You can contact us by phone, email or simply fill out our online form.
    • If you choose to send us an email or use our online buyback request form, please include as much information as possible about the products you have in hand and their configuration. The more information you give us, the more profitable it is for you!
    • Further to receiving your information, Data Telcom will review everything and, if required, within 24 hours at the most, contact you to obtain additional details.
  • Once all the required information is in hand, 72 hours at the most, Data Telcom will send you a buyback offer by email.
  • Once an agreement is in place, Data Telcom will, at its own expense, arrange for the pick up and delivery of your products at our warehouse.
    • Upon receiving the products, we will catalogue, examine, test and inventory them.
    • Once these steps are completed, in accordance with the agreement set between the two parties, payment will be sent to you within the next 30 days.
Buy new and refurbished networking and telecommunications hardware, servers, data storage systems and their peripherals.

You're looking for more recent IT equipment?

Have no fear, we are also able to assist you with these requirements.

Data Telcom has access to over $60 million worth of new (current and discontinued) and quality pre-owned refurbished products at all times.

Looking to save money?

We offer very competitive prices and, above all, we deliver quickly.

It is therefore reasonable to say that thanks to this access, Data Telcom is able to meet your expectations, requirements, budget constraints and delivery schedules.

Our standard warranty on the products we sell is 1 year, minimum.

Another thing worth thinking about!

If you have obsolete equipment you’re no longer using that you wish to dispose of, you can use our buyback program and, the offer presented will be applied as a credit towards the purchase of new equipment.

In other words, you will receive an additional rebate on top of the already incredible prices we offer!

Take advantage of out buyback program. Turn those old obsolete hardware products into a revenue stream!

Don't miss your chance!

Missing out on this opportunity to get better returns on your investments, is simply something you cannot afford to pass on!

Immediate buyback opportunities

We’ve noticed that currently, there is a strong demand, both in buying and selling, for Cisco products such as ASA Series firewalls, Catalyst 2900X, 3560, 3560X, 3750, 3850 switches and Cisco ISR 800 and 1900 routers.

If you are looking for these types of products, Data Telcom is able to deliver them. If you have these products on-hand and you are no longer using them, why not take advantage of our buyback program? We offer fair market value on decommissioned equipment.

Used networking and telecommunications equipment as well as servers, storage solutions and backup libraries arrive regularly in our warehouse. As mentioned on the pages Where do refurbished products come from and Differences between refurbished and used products of our blog , after performing a thorough examination, a thorough cleaning and running a battery of tests on these products, we make them available to you at a fraction of their original cost.

These now refurbished products are equivalent and perform just as well as new equipment. Also they come with a solid minimum 1 year warranty. They can be delivered to you as is or preconfigured to your exact specifications.

If preconfigured to your exact specifications, you, quite simply, just need to unpack and connect them. With minimal effort, you’re ready to go! This service saves you both time and money!

Data Telcom, doesn’t just sell. We enter into a long term business partnership agreement with each one of our clients

In conclusion

Data Telcom technologies' objective is not simply to sell products!

Our ultimate objectives are to be a long term proactive business partner that contributes to both the growth, productivity and profitability of our customers.

We value your trust in us. That's why we aim for your complete satisfaction at all times.

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