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Data Telcom's blog aims to answer questions about information technologies so people can make more informed decisions.

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Information technologies can be a very complex subject and, when it comes to making decisions the more informed you are, the better.

Here you will find various posts covering the many topics related to information technologies. These posts are written in simple terms and, aim to assist you in making more informed decisions.

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Top 6 reason to buy refurbished IT hardware are availability, cost, performance, reliability, ROI, reducing electronic waste
Information technologies

Top 6 reasons to buy refurbished IT hardware

Find out what are the top 6 reasons to buy refurbished IT ...
The chip shortage is causing supply chain issues for the IT industry, as well as lost revenues for many.
Information technologies

Refurbished can solve IT supply chain issues

Deliveries of new IT hardware products are weeks, even months behind schedule? ...
Local data storage still plays an important role.
Data Storage

Local data storage is still very important

More and more businesses are using cloud services and, storage is one ...
Protecting digital assets and protecting against hackers in general are key aspects of cybersecurity.

Protecting ourselves against hackers

Doesn't matter if you're an individual, a government or a corporation, protecting ...
Protecting teleworkers is also an integral part of cybersecurity.

Protecting teleworkers against hackers

In order to insure your corporate assets remain safe, and employees stay ...
Just like with any network, an internet network outage can sometimes occur.
Questions and answers

Internet network outage - What to do next?

An internet network outage may not be a major catastrophe but, for ...
The importance of data security cannot be overstated.

The importance of data security

Data security must be a priority for all as cybercriminals are becoming ...
Because data is growing at an exponential rate, the importance of data storage and backups cannot be overstated!
Data Storage

The importance of data storage

The importance of data storage CANNOT be overstated. It is CRITICAL to ...
Local and cloud computing are two technologies that complement each other.
Information technologies

Differences: Local and cloud computing

Local and cloud computing complement each other! Local computing is key to ...
Buying refurbished is good business as it enables you to save money!
Questions and answers

Cut costs! Buying refurbished is good business

Buying refurbished hardware makes good business sense. It means lower capital expenses ...
Sell your old IT hardware that's no longer being used. Turn those products into a revenue stream.
IT asset disposal

Get some money back! Sell your old IT hardware

Get some money back! Your old IT hardware that is no longer ...
How does a server become a refurbished server is something many wonder about!
Questions and answers

How do servers become refurbished servers?

Find out what the differences are between refurbished servers and used ones, ...