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About us - Overview

Data Telcom is an independent hardware distributor and broker of new and refurbished IT equipment for high performance technology infrastructures.

We are 100% channel focused. We work exclusively with resellers, systems integrators and service providers.

The key to our success

We listen and we pay attention! Our primary business objectives are:

  1. Establish and understand the situation at hand
  2. Meet and address both the immediate and long-term, expectations and needs of our customers.
In other words, Data Telcom is a proactive business partner you can count on at all times! When you work with Data Telcom, you get:
  • Unparalleled customer service. Both pre-sales and post-sales
  • Expertise in networking and telecommunications equipment, servers and storage solutions
  • Over 30 years of experience in the IT world
  • Quality new and refurbished hardware products
And this, once again, at all times. We are with you throughout your technological journey!

Your IT needs giving you a headache?

No need to worry

We know and understand that information technologies can sometimes be quite complex and overwhelming. That's why we make it simple for our customers.

We have a team of experts with years of experience and expertise, ready to assist you at all times.

About today's reality

Both technologies and the ways we do business evolve

The business world has changed quite a bit in the last 50 years.

Today, with the Internet being so important to businesses, companies need to respond faster and more efficiently to their customers' needs. Failure to do so means the competition wins the business!

Bottom line, speed and efficiency are key!

Also, the global economy is now a fact of life, that all businesses have to come to grips with. There is no two ways about it. In order to survive and grow, companies must embrace it wholeheartedly.

Doing so and staying ahead of the curb means, regular investments in information technologies. Both hardware and software!

The implementation of robust, reliable, flexible and secure IT infrastructures is a constant need for all businesses looking to increase:

  • Their market share
  • Its clientele
  • Their products and services portfolios
  • The quality of their offerings
  • Etc…

Unfortunately, nowadays, more often than not, budgets shrink yet, requirements increase. Companies must do more with less!

This is where Data Telcom comes in

Quality, unparalleled customer service and efficiency

Above all, we focus on the quality of the products we provide, unparalleled customer service and finally, efficiency.

Data Telcom is an independent IT hardware equipment distributor and broker that was founded in 2014.

Our mission is to assist resellers, system integrators and service providers with their hardware needs, when regular channels are unable to deliver what is required.

When it comes to achieving and satisfying your business’ IT requirements, being that we are 100% channel focused, Data Telcom is your partner of choice for all your needs in networking and telecommunications equipment, servers, storage systems and all their associated peripherals.

Why Data Telcom?​

Again, technologies evolve!

The one constant in the world of information technologies you can always count on, is that technologies evolve and new products come out every year.

Regardless of whether you are a corporations, government body or an institutional end-user, when buying products, you buy hardware that will address your needs for years to come.

New products being released inevitably replace existing ones.

When new products are released, the ones they are replacing are slowly being phased out and eventually, are no longer available!

Having said this, legacy infrastructures are often still there and, those still need to be supported, maintained as well as updated and upgraded. And this, for years to come.

Having a reliable supplier who can supply quality IT hardware products, that enable you to maintain those legacy infrastructure for as long as they are needed, is critical!

About our business model

Our business model is business-to-business (B2B) and our clientele consists exclusively of resellers, systems integrators and service providers. We are an independent IT hardware distributor and broker of new (current and discontinued), and refurbished IT hardware products. Our raison d’être is to:
  • Source products, wherever they may be, meeting our customer’s criterias
  • Deliver those products quickly.
  • Deliver those products at prices that are equal or better than the prices they would have paid when buying from regular established channels.

About the Data Telcom advantage

  1. A global network of suppliers
  2. Access to over $60M worth of inventory at all times
  3. Ability to supply a multitude of new and refurbished products from a multitude of vendors
  4. Attractive prices
  5. A multi-disciplinary team of experts, with decades of experience in IT
Supplying products at the right price is somewhat easy. The hard part is what happens after the products are delivered, installed and become operational. What happens when products become problematic?

Our approach

Data Telcom is all about providing knowledge, expertise, accurate information and quality hardware products.
When it comes to hardware products we supply, we put quality and reliability above all.

Our business approach is quite simple really.

Data Telcom and every member of our team, make it a point to approach every customer and every opportunity with post-sales customer service in mind.

Why? Again, it’s quite simple.

We don’t want any problems when it comes to products we supply. However, since we are talking about mechanical products, whether we want it or not, problems are inevitably bound to occur at some point.

That’s why we make sure that the products we source and deliver to our customers meet our norms and quality standards

Norms and standards

Quality and reliability are just as important as pricing

All the products we supply must meet the following criterias:

  • They are vendor originals and quality third-party compatible that come from established, reliable and trustworthy sources.
    • In the case of refurbished equipment:
      • The products have been thoroughly cleaned and rigorously tested.
      • All configuration parameters have been set back to factory default.
      • The products aren’t damaged in any way.
  • Whether they are new or refurbished, the products we supply are backed by a solid warranty.We offer
    • A lifetime warranty on memorycables and third-party compatible products.
    • Unless specified otherwise in writing, a minimum 1-year warranty on all other products.

We are not the least expensive supplier

This being said, our customers rest easy knowing that when they deal with Data Telcom, they’ve made the right decision.

Regardless of whether they buy new or refurbished hardware, they know they are getting quality products every single time, that are all backed by a solid warranty.

Our customers also know that, should they run into situations where products we supplied are problematic, we are there to support them.

Defective products

  • If the problematic items are still under warranty, at Data Telcom’s expense, we get the products repaired or replaced.
  • For out of warranty products, we source the best option available on the market and make sure it’s delivered quickly.

We stock and source new and refurbished IT equipment

Products we supply

A global network of suppliers and continuous access to over $60M in inventory enables us to supply a multitude of new, refurbished and used products from a multitude of vendors at very attractive prices.

However our key strengths are in products from the following vendors.

Ability to provide accurate information, expertise and quality hardware products are all key factors to Data Telcom’s success
A good supplier provides knowledgeable and accurate information as well as top of the line, quality hardware products.

We supply primarily new and pre-owned refurbished vendor original products and quality third-party compatibles.

Although we are able to supply them, unless absolutely necessary, we prefer to stay away from used equipment.

Why? Because although refurbished technically means used, the differences between refurbished and used equipment are quite significant and far from negligible!

Just like us, we know our customers and their end users don’t want a problem. Everyone want to rest easy, knowing that they have quality products that are reliable.

About the benefits of refurbished hardware

Refurbished products enable our customers’ sales and services divisions to extend the life of their end-users’ legacy infrastructures but, it doesn’t stop there! Buying tested and proven refurbished hardware makes good business sense.Why?
  • Combining refurbished products with newer cutting edge technologies enables end-users to reduce capital expenditures without sacrificing performance.
  • Since pre-owned refurbished hardware equipment can be purchased at prices up to 95% less than their original cost, buying refurbished hardware enables end-users with limited budgets to acquire technologies that would otherwise be out of their reach.
  • As an added bonus, buying refurbished hardware can also result in:
    • Savings being, if so desired, reinvested in the business.
    • Improve productivity.
    • Maintain and possibly improve one’s competitive edge in the marketplace.

Let's keep the conversation going

Data Telcom - Not just another supplier!

Our customers are important to us and we want to establish long term business relationships with them.

If having a supplier who is a pro-active business partner, that contributes to your continued growth and success and who’s there for you at all times, is of interest to you, join our customers’ ranks by opening an account with us.

We can guarantee that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results!

Lastly, we are always looking for ways to improve our offerings and ways we can better service our customers. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

We welcome your feedback and stand ready to assist you at all times.

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Data Telcom sells high quality, proven and fully tested reseller refurbished networking and telecommunications equipment, servers, data storage systems and all their associated peripherals, add-on modules and options.

All are at very attractive prices and backed by a solid warranty.

Buying refurbished products results in significant savings!

Buying quality reseller refurbished products enables you to get discounts up to 95% off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price!

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