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Terms and conditions

Data Telcom’s terms and conditions regarding the usage of our website, our corporate policies and procedures regarding the products we supply, product deliveries and our procedures.

Please note that these Terms and Conditions are to protect both Data Telcom as well as you, our customers.

We want to avoid any possible misunderstanding between us and our customers.

These Terms and Conditions as there are stated herein are to make sure that you, our customer, are aware of the way Data Telcom operates and what are your responsibilities when acquiring products from us.


This website is owned and operated by Data Telcom Technologies Inc.

When used in these Terms and Conditions, the terms “we”, “us”, “our” and “ours” refer to Data Telcom Technologies including all of its subsidiaries, divisions, branches, affiliates or companies under common ownership or control of Data Telcom

When used in these Terms and Conditions, the terms “you”, “your” and “yours” refer to user of this site.

Agreement between parties

This website is for information purposes ONLY.

Unless indicated to the contrary, all material such as Data Telcom’s logo, product names, page headers, custom graphics, icons, buttons, product and services trademarks, are the property of Data Telcom.

All other logos, product and services names and trademarks displayed, named or cited are the property of their respective owners.

These may not be copied nor used without the express consent of Data Telcom or their respective owners

Data Telcom supplies IT infrastructure hardware ONLY. We do not supply software nor software licenses of any kind.

Customers dealing with Data Telcom Technologies understand that we are an independent IT hardware broker, with NO relation nor affiliation with any of the manufacturers/vendors whose products we sell.

As such, the customer understands and agrees to the fact that warranties on products supplied by Data Telcom may somewhat differ from the warranties found on products acquired through established and authorized manufacturer/vendor channels.

This being said, Data Telcom, will always do everything, within reason and within its power to resolve issues regarding products we supplied.

Operating hours

Data Telcom is open from Monday through Friday from 08:30 – 17:30.


Orders will be processed during operating hours.

Shipping of orders

In order to save on overall costs, Data Telcom’s standard method of shipping is FedEx GROUND.

This means that depending on where the product is sourced, deliveries may be anywhere from next business day to 7 business days.

Should you require faster deliveries, additional charges will apply. Those charges will be based on FedEx’s rates.

FedEx base their rates on where the product is being shipped from, weight and volume.

Product availability and prices

Unless specified to the contrary in writing, all prices given by Data Telcom are based on availability at the time of request, market demand and U.S. to Canadian dollar exchange rate (if applicable).

All prices given by Data Telcom include shipping via FedEx GROUND.

As specified in the Shipping section of these Terms and Conditions, should you wish your shipments to be delivered faster, any and all additional shipping charges will be billed to you.

Should you wish us to use another transport company, you must give us their details and your account number.

Products will then be shipped and billed to YOUR account.

PRICES for products not in stock and needing to be sourced are SUBJECT TO CHANGE based on availability, market demand and the fluctuations of the Canadian dollar.

Unless specified to the contrary in writing, NO product being sourced CAN BE set aside and reserved. It’s FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED.

Therefore, if products quoted are not purchased immediately, we  recommends that you always reconfirm both pricing and availability prior to placing and order with us.

Data Telcom, doesn’t just sell. We enter into a long term business partnership agreement with each one of our clients

Corporate policies


As per these herein Terms and conditions, when supplying new and current products, the vendors’ original warranty applies.

Therefore, it’s up to you the customer, not Data Telcom, to communicate with the vendor when products become defective.

When supplying new discontinued, refurbished or used products, unless indicated to the contrary in writing, Data Telcom’s standard warranty is 1 year.

If our standard 1 year warranty doesn’t apply, the customer will have been made aware of that fact in writing, prior to his purchase.A notice to that effect will also be on the customer’s invoice.


Data Telcom's terms and conditions, corporate policies and procedures. Our commitment towards our customers.
Our customers are important to us and we want to establish long term business relationships with them. We make it a point to enter into a business partnership agreement with each and every one of our clients and, we proactively work towards making that a winning partnership for everyone.

Product returns (RMAs)

Product returns are at Data Telcom’s discretion.

No product may be returned to us without a Return Authorization Number (RMA).

Return Authorization numbers (RMA) can be obtained by communicating with us either by phone or email or, by filling our on-line customer return form.

If it’s established that the product supplied is the wrong one, damaged, defective or dead on arrival (DOA)within 10 days of receipt, product(s) are to be shipped back to us via FedEx Ground using our account and, a replacement will be expedited to you.

Unless agreed to the contrary and in writing, customer will be assuming all shipping charges for defective products returned to us after 10 days of receipt.

All other returns will be subject to a RESTOCKING FEE.

The standard restocking fee is 15% of the product(s)’ selling price for UNOPENED (i.e.: sealed) boxes.

HOWEVER, the amount of the RESTOCKING FEE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE depending on the circumstances at hand, at the time of purchase.

Should any changes to the amount of the RESTOCKING FEE apply, the customer will be advised of those changes in writing.

Said changes will be determined based on whether the item(s) can easily be resold or not and, whether the box is open or not.

Refunds and credits

Our customers are important to us and we want to establish long term business relationships with them. Therefore, we make it a point to enter into a business partnership agreement with each and every one of our clients and, we proactively work towards making that a winning partnership for everyone.

Data Telcom does NOT offer refunds. We ONLY offer credits which are applied to your account.

These credits can be applied against outstanding invoices and/or future product purchases.