The importance of data storage

TThe continued growth of data illustrates the importance of data storage! Local data storage complements cloud storage
Typical data storage ecosystem REQUIRED to FULLY benefit from the advantages cloud computing offers
Typical data storage ecosystem REQUIRED to FULLY benefit from the advantages cloud computing offers

The importance of data storage cannot be overestimated

Virtually everywhere on the planet, data is growing exponentially and it's not about to slow down anytime soon!​

Everyone is generating data at a rate never seen before AND, it’s only going to increase!

That’s why businesses, governments, organization and institutions are looking for betters ways to handle and manage the mountains of information they have.

Cloud storage services definitely help as they enables you to pay only for what you need and you can easily add resources when needed. In other words, pay as you go.

Is local storage in danger of disappearing?

Far from it! As a matter of fact, local data storage complements cloud storage services.

The continual growth of data requires local storage more than ever before. Local storage completes cloud computing
The continual growth of data requires local storage more than ever before as local storage complements cloud computing

Reasons why storage is important?

Whereas servers are very important for your data processing needs, storage is even more critical to your business!
  • Loose your server it’s bad
  • Loose your storage, it’s extremely bad!

Simply put, loosing your storage could, potentially mean:

  • Loss of data
  • Loss of productivity
  • Lost revenues!

The bottom line is, whatever the cost, you can’t skimp on your storage systems, just to save a few bucks! Just ask yourself, “How much is my business worth?” and make your decision based on the answer.

It is with this approach in mind that Data Telcom makes it their business to deliver high-performance and reliable storage systems that are captains of the industry.

Storage systems are essential to your business' continued success!

Storage is where your data lives. Loose your storage and, as previously indicated, you can find yourself in an extremely bad situation!

This is why storage systems are critical to any and all businesses

Take note and be advised of the pitfalls and perils associate with storage faillures

At the risk of repeating ourselves, whereas servers are at the heart of your network and perform all the data processing,  STORAGE is even more critical to a business’ survival!

  • Loss of storage = Lost data!

The painful reality associated with data losses

Depending on the circumstances at hand and the area of your network where the storage failed, it may not be that bad. HOWEVER, in certain instances, if you haven’t done a threat and risk assessment (TRA) and put policies and procedures in place, starting with having a good backup solution and the means to quickly replace the defective storage, loss of data can result in:

    • Due to COUNTLESS hours of manpower spent inputting everything back onto the new system!
  • Loss of productivity = Lost REVENUES!

Again depending on the circumstances at hand,

  • Lost data = Losing your reputation in the marketplace and with your customers!
  • Loss of reputation = Lost REVENUES (again)!

In the absolute worst of cases:

  • Lost data = Having to CLOSE your doors PERMANENTLY!
Storage failures that cause the loss of corporate data can have considerable negative consequences
Data loss due to storage failures can result in lost productivity which in turn causes lost revenues. Something no business wants to see happen.

No matter the size, the survival of any and all businesses requires that reliable storage systems, effective security mechanisms and policies, as well as good data backup and restore capabilities be in place.

Local data storage is more important than ever

Local data storage complements cloud storage

With Internet of Things (IoT) devices continually generating vasts amounts of data along with new software, databases, data analytic tools and applications coming to market daily, the need for local storage is more important than ever. Why?

Cloud storage services are great but, you have to contend with the fact that you’re introducing latency in your company’s operations as well as other risks!

Is this latency acceptable to you or not? If not, you definitely need local storage because it gives you:

Local storage complements cloud storage services and adds performance and security aspects that CANNOT be overlooked!
Local storage complements cloud storage services and adds performance and security aspects that CANNOT be overlooked!

Performance and efficiency

Local storage provides you with speed and efficiency cloud storage can not really compete with.

Not unless you spend enormous amounts of money to have fiber data links put in place to connect you directly to your provider’s data center. Something that, cost wise, is out of reach for most small and medium size businesses. Otherwise, you’re connected to your cloud service provider via the internet and, no matter how fast your link is, that internet connection introduces latency in your data processing.

Latency slows things down! For some business that’s acceptable, for others, exemple essential services (think of a hospital), that simply can not work!


Over 90% of businesses using cloud storage services are connected to the cloud via the Internet over a SINGLE connection. Meaning you have a single point of faillure!

Accidents and unforeseen circumstances beyond anyone’s control happen. If you loose your Internet connection, what do you do? You and your employees (whose salary you must still pay) just wait patiently for it to come back?!

Having local storage means that even if your Internet link goes down or something catastrophic happens at your cloud storage provider’s facility, you’re not affected by it! It’s business as usual for you.

In conclusion

Cloud storage services are here to stay and they definitely offer some undeniable advantages and yes, they can most definitely help reduce capital expenditure costs and enable you to safely store your data off-site.

BUT, they are not, nor will they be, able to completely replace the need and necessity for local storage systems. Not in the foreseeable future anyway.

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