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Compatible optical transceivers are just as good as the OEM originals and cost a lot less.

Were you aware?

That optical transceivers can represent up to 15% of capital expenditures?

Pay up to 90% LESS than the cost of vendor original optical transceivers, when buying compatibles!

Your source for new and refurbished data storage systems

New and refurbished storage area networks


3Par - EVA - MSA - D-series - Autoloaders - Tape libraries

New and refurbished tape and disk backup systems


Legacy storwize series - Legacy DS-series - Legacy TS-series

Lenovo disk storage system.


DS-series - V-series - TS-series

New and refurbished network attached storage appliances


PowerVault - PowerMax - Equalogic - CLARiiON

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Buy new and refurbished scalable data storage systems from market leading vendors, at affordable prices.
We sell new and quality refurbished data storage systems from the industry's leading vendors that will meet and exceed your expectations.

We address your needs and requirements

In today’s digital world, businesses of all sizes and types depend heavily on data.

From customer information to financial records and everything in between, data is the lifeblood of modern organizations.

As a result, having reliable and scalable data storage systems is critical to the survival of any business. That’s where Data Telcom Technologies comes in.

We specialize in selling new and refurbished best-of-breed data storage systems, including storage arrays, SANs, NAS, and backup systems from HP, IBM, Lenovo, and Dell.

As a B2B company, we provide these solutions to resellers, system integrators, and service providers at wholesale prices or better.

Having reliable data storage systems is essential

Businesses today generate more data than ever before. This data is used for everything from making strategic decisions to powering marketing campaigns and everything in between. With so much data being generated, it’s essential to have  storage solutions in place that can handle it all. In addition to simply storing data, businesses also need to be able to access and analyze it quickly and efficiently. This requires storage solutions that are not only reliable but also scalable. As businesses grow and generate more data, their storage needs will inevitably increase. Having storage solutions that can scale alongside the business is essential to ensure that the organization can continue to operate smoothly.
Every year, data is growing at an exponential rate.
With data growing exponentially, any and all businesses who want to grow and succeed, need to have a good storage and backup strategy in place.

Just imagine the impacts

Again, when it comes to a business’ survival, having reliable data storage systems in place is absolutely essential! Without scalable and resilient data storage systems, businesses risk losing critical data or experiencing costly downtime that can negatively impact their bottom line.

For example, consider the impact of a cyber attack resulting in a data breach. A single breach can:

  • compromise sensitive data,
  • damage a company’s reputation,
  • result in costly fines and legal action.
Having a good data backup stratey in place is essential to safeguarding your corporate information

By investing in reliable data storage systems, businesses can reduce the risk of data breaches and protect their valuable data from cyberthreats.

In addition to protecting against cyberthreats, reliable data storage systems are essential for ensuring that businesses can operate efficiently and effectively. Just imagine if your business lost access to critical data for even a few hours.

  • How much productivity would be lost?
  • How much revenue would be impacted?

With reliable data storage systems in place, businesses can avoid these types of scenarios and continue to operate without interruption.

New and refurbished tape and disk backup systems
Backups are the last best hope of getting data and operations back on line

Having good data backups in place is critical!

Having backups in place is critical for several reasons:

  1. Protection against data loss: Backups ensure that you have a copy of your important data in case of a hardware failure, accidental deletion, or other data loss events. Without backups, such events can cause irreversible damage to your business or personal data.
  2. Disaster recovery: In the event of a natural disaster such as a flood, fire, or earthquake, backups can be used to recover critical data that might have been lost or damaged. This is particularly important for businesses that depend on their data for operations.
  3. Compliance and legal requirements: Many industries have legal and compliance requirements for data retention and data recovery. Having backups in place can help organizations meet these requirements and avoid legal or financial penalties.
  4. Business continuity: Backups can help ensure business continuity in case of unexpected events such as power outages or cyberattacks. With backups in place, businesses can quickly recover their data and resume operations with minimal downtime.

Overall, having backups in place is critical for protecting your data, ensuring business continuity, and meeting legal and compliance requirements. It is an essential component of any data management strategy.

Bottom line, should you loose access to your data, when all else fails, having good backups in place is your last best hope of getting your systems and your data back on-line!

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Data Telcom is not just another supplier.

We are a proactive business partner you can count on at all times and, we make it a point to enter into a mutually profitable relationship with all our customers.

You're a reseller, a systems integrator or a service provider looking for products that are hard to find? We can help you with that.

Shopping for affordable enterprise data storage systems?

You’re looking to purchase solutions that are affordable, scalable, resilient and efficient?

Whether your shopping for a direct-attached storage device solution,(DASD) a storage area network (SAN), a network attached storage appliance (NAS) or a backup solution, we can help!

Benefits of dealing with Data Telcom

At Data Telcom Technologies, we offer a wide range of data storage solutions to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Here are just a few of the benefits of working with us:

  • Wholesale Prices or Better: We understand that businesses need to keep costs under control. That’s why we offer our data storage systems at wholesale prices or better, allowing businesses to save money without sacrificing quality.
  • Top Brands: We only sell data storage systems from top brands like HP, IBM, Lenovo, and Dell, ensuring that our customers get the quality and reliability they need to succeed.
  • New and Refurbished Options: In order to meet the requirement of businesses who’s budgets and needs differ, we offer best-of-breed new and high-quality refurbished data storage systems from the industry’s leading vendors.

We sell new and quality refurbished enterprise class data storage systems that will both grow with your business and safeguard your company’s information at all times.

Through our global network of suppliers and access to $60M of inventory at all times, chances are more than good that we can find and deliver the storage products you need as well as all their peripherals!

Data storage is essential!

As previously mentioned, data storage is essential to the continued growth of any and all businesses.

Why is that?

Whereas servers are very important to your data processing needs, again, as previously mentioned and outlined in our article “The importance of data storage“, storage is even more critical!

Loose your server, it’s bad. Loose your storage, it’s extremely bad! To put it simply:

  • Loosing your storage could, potentially, mean loss of data.
  • Loss of data results in loss of productivity.
  • Loss of productivity results in loss of money!

Bottom line, no matter what the cost is, you can not skimp on your storage just to save a few dollars. Just ask yourself, how much is my business worth and, decide from there.

With that in mind, Data Telcom makes it a point to offer best of breed data storage systems from the captains of the industry. Although we can get other products from any number of vendors through our global network of suppliers, we specialize in the following:

Affordable, scalable, resilient and performant

New and refurbished storage area networks


3Par - EVA - MSA - D-series - Autoloaders - Tape libraries

New and refurbished tape and disk backup systems


Legacy storwize series - Legacy DS-series - Legacy TS-series

Lenovo disk storage system.


DS-series - V-series - TS-series

New and refurbished network attached storage appliances


PowerVault - PowerMax - Equalogic - CLARiiON

Data storage systems are critical to your business!

Risks and perils associate with data storage failures

At the risk of repeating ourselves, whereas servers are at the heart of your network and perform all the data processing functions, when it comes to your information and its safeguard, STORAGE is even more critical to any and all businesses' survival.

Losing your storage literally exposes you to the “risk” of being forced to close the doors of your business!!

Buy new and refurbished scalable data storage systems from market leading vendors, at affordable prices.

Choose the right data storage solution

Bottom line, when it comes to your data and choosing the appropriate type of data storage system, for both your immediate and future needs, making a decision based on price and price alone, isn’t the right move for any business!

The risks are simply too great that a mishap will happen and, you’ll find yourself in a situation where your operations will be in serious jeopardy!

Data Telcom sells new and quality refurbished data storage systems from the industry’s leading vendors, that will meet and exceed your expectations.

All are attractively priced and backed by a solid warranty.

Risk, perils and consequences

Rest easy knowing that we provide fast and efficient customer service.

You cannot afford NOT TO take note of this!

As previously indicated, no matter what the circumstances are, if you either neglected your storage or, you elected not to implement the proper storage systems, in order to cut costs, you are at risk!

It is impossible to emphasize this enough but, loosing your data can have severe and, “potentially” very costly consequences for your business! Not to mention you’ll have some very unhappy executives on your hands!

The risks, perils and consequences associated with a loss of data can be classified into three (3) categories.

These categories are:

Loss of storage = Loss of data!

Depending on the circumstances and the area of your network where the storage is faulty, it might not be that bad.

HOWEVER, in some cases if you haven’t done a good Threat and Risk Assessment (TRA) and put policies and procedures in place, starting with having a good backup solution and the means to replace faulty storage quickly, a loss of data can have severe and even catastrophic consequences!

A loss of data = A loss of productivity!

The loss of productivity is due to the number of hours and manpower devoted to reintroducing everything again into the systems in place!

A loss of productivity = A loss of revenues!

Employees whose task is now to re-enter all the information into the systems, are unable to perform their usual tasks.

This means that they, and all those whose work depends on that lost information, are not productive.

A lack of productivity irrevocably results in lost revenues!

A loss of data = Having to close your doors PERMANENTLY!

In a worst case scenario, if it is not possible to recover or reproduce the lost data, this can lead to the complete shutdown of the business!

Other types of severe and costly consequences!

If your customers and/or prospects learn that you have experienced a data loss, you could also face the following consequences: A serious mistake makes for unhappy executives.
  • A loss of data = The loss of your reputation on the market and with your customers and/or prospects!
  • Loss of your reputation = Loss of REVENUES (again)!
Not choosing the appropriate solution in order to cut costs can be a mistake that, depending on the circumstances, can result in very costly consequences. Not to mention some very unhappy executives.

Chosse the right data storage solution

These are just a few of the reasons why data storage is important.

When you have reliable, scalable and efficient data storage systems in place, you protect and secure your corporate data.

Reliable storage and good backup policies allow you to protect your information and avoid:

  1. Data loss,
  2. Productivity losses,
  3. Loss of income.

While many factors come into play and completely eliminating data losses may not be entirely achievable, you can at least reduce these factors to an acceptable level of risk.

As the old saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure“!

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