Data Telcom est un courtier en équipements d'infrastructures informatiques neufs et remis à neuf de qualité, testés à fond.

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Are you using plugin modules with your servers?

Interested in saving money?

Compatible optical transceivers are just as good as the OEM originals and cost a lot less.

Were you aware?

That optical transceivers can represent up to 15% of capital expenditures?

Pay up to 90% LESS than the cost of vendor original optical transceivers, when buying compatibles!

High performance, scalable and reliable servers

Buy new and refurbished scalable business and enterprise servers from market leading vendors, at affordable prices.

New and refurbished business and enterprise servers

Buy new and proven, fully tested, quality refurbished business and enterprise servers, from HPE, IBM, Lenovo and DellEMC at affordable prices.

Servers process data. Therefore, it goes without saying that with the exponential growth of data, it is important to acquire systems that have the processing power needed, to meet both your immediate and future data processing needs.

Look no further

Finding reliable high performance servers has never been easier.

Whether you are looking for rackmount, blade, or tower servers, Data Telcom can meet your requirements.

We supply new and refurbished servers from HP, IBM, Lenovo and Dell. Chances are we have the system that will meet your immediate and future needs, in stock.

If not, thanks to our global network of suppliers, we can find it and deliver it quickly. AND, if you wish, we can also deliver systems fully configured to your  exact specifications.

We are also able to supply all of the HBAs, hard drives, network adapters, processors and memory kits add-on options, required to increase the functionalities and capabilities of the units.

We have access to a large inventory of new and refurbished hardware products at all times!

Affordable prices

Budgets always come into play and now, more than ever, every dollar counts!

We sell high-performance, reliable business and enterprise systems from industry leaders at prices that will not break the bank!

HPE - IBM - Lenovo - DellEMC

Rackmounts, towers and blades servers. We sell them all!

Data Telcom's terms and conditions, corporate policies and procedures. Our commitment towards our customers.

Data Telcom is not just another supplier.

We are a proactive business partner you can count on at all times and, we make it a point to enter into a mutually profitable relationship with all our customers.

You're a reseller, a systems integrator or a service provider looking for products that are hard to find? We can help you with that.

Through our global nework of suppliers and access to $60M of inventory at all times, chances are more than good that we can find and deliver the products you need as well as all their peripherals!

We offer wholesale pricing on new AND, rebates of up to 95% off MSRP on proven, fully tested quality refurbished systems. Not to mention that, be it new or refurbished, all the servers we sell come with a minimum 1yr warranty!

Bottom line, you can rest easy knowing that you have purchased quality systems, backed by a solid warranty, at the best possible price!

Be it pre-sale or post-sale, whether you need a rackmount, tower or blade server, whether it is for your business or one that offers high-powered computing, that will be deployed in a datacenter, Data Telcom has you covered at all times!

Shopping for fast, reliable and affordable servers?

Servers are at the heart of your network and handle all of the heavy lifting when it comes to data processing.

Therefore it’s highly important that when you are shopping for systems, whichever ones you buy will be able to perform, be flexible and most of all, be reliable.

That’s why Data Telcom makes it a point to supply best of breed new and quality pre-owned refurbished business and enterprise servers from the industry’s best know vendors. And we offer all this at affordable prices!

Consider our refurbished units

Our refurbished units:

  • Have all been fully tested by certified technicians, to make sure they work and perform just as well as new ones.
  • Just like when buying new units and in order to meet your expectations and requirements, all the refurbished servers we supply can be configured to order (CTO).

This means that when you buy a server from Data Telcom, right out of the box, you get a system that is ready to deploy in your environment, with a minimum amount of efforts.

We specialize in the following vendors and types of servers AND, every single time you buy from us, we make sure you get your money’s worth!

HPE rackmount, blade and tower servers

HPE Proliant (BL, DL, ML) - Integrity - Alpha - Apollo

Rackmount - Towers - Blades

IBM rackmount, blade and tower servers

IBM POWER series - Legacy AS/400 - Legacy RS/6000

Rackmount - Towers - Blades

Lenovo rackmount, blade and tower servers

Lenovo BladeCenters - ThinkSystems - xSeries

Rackmount - Towers - Blades

Dell rackmount, blade and tower servers

DellEMC PowerEdge R, C, FX, M, and MX-series

Rackmount - Towers - Blades

Buy new and refurbished scalable business and enterprise servers from market leading vendors, at affordable prices.

We offer both new and fully refurbished brand name servers, that perform and will meet your immediate business needs, as well as for years to come.

All at incredible prices!

Est-il temps d'une mise-à-niveau?

Avez-vous pensé aux produits remis à neuf par un revendeur ?

Data Telcom vends des équipements remis à neuf de qualité, qui sont éprouvés et testés à fonds, adressant tous vos besoins en réseautique et télécommunications, serveurs, systèmes de stockage de données et tous les périphériques associés.

Tous ces produits sont offerts à des prix très attrayants et accompagnés d'un solide garantie!

Achetez des produits remis à neuf et épargnez beaucoup !

L'achat de produits remis à neuf par un revendeur vous permet d'obtenir jusqu'à 95 % de rabais sur le prix de détail suggéré du manufacturier !

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