How do servers become refurbished servers?

Find out what the differences are between refurbished and used servers as well as why refurbished is the way to go in order to rest easy

Refurbished or used? When it comes to information technology hardware, the differences between the two CAN’T be ignored
Refurbished or used?

They may look the same on the outside. Same "may" be true of what's on the inside. HOWEVER, there's a HUGE difference between the two! Are you willing to take a chance and RISK PAYING THE PRICE just to save a few dollars?

How do servers become refurbished servers

That's a very valid and important question

Here's what happens

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If you’re in the market for a used server, chances are you’ve run into resellers who described the product they are offering as refurbished. If you’re wondering what refurbished means, you are not alone! When it comes to IT hardware, most people are familiar with two different conditions: new and used.

If a server is new, it means that it’s never been used. If a server is used, it means that someone else owned and used it in the past.Add the word refurbished to the mix and things can get confusing. As the buyer, needless to say, you want to know exactly what it is you are paying for.

In order for a server to be considered refurbished, the following must be true:

As described in our article Differences between refurbished and used products, refurbished products are quite different from used and offer you quite a lot. When it comes to servers, here’s what you can expect when buying refurbished from a reputable IT hardware reseller.

Refurbishing process

Refurbished servers are subjected to a battery of rigorous tests

Reputable IT hardware resellers make it a point to test each and every component to make sure they work the way they should.

If a component fails any of the tests it’s submitted to, if it’s possible and cost effective, the component in question is repaired. If not, Data Telcom’s policy is to simply replaced that component and have the defective one recycled.

Refurbished servers are thoroughly cleaned

Refurbished servers have been taken apart and cleaned so that the inside is 100% dust free. The same goes for the outside. If needed, the outside has also been repainted in order to get rid of any scratches.

Refurbished servers have been reset to the OEM's factory defaults

After having undergone all the testing procedures, the cleaning process and necessary touch ups, the server is reset to the manufacturer’s original settings. This results in you getting a server that looks and performs like new BUT, costs significantly less!

Refurbishing IT hardware involves thoroughly cleaning the products and a battery of tests to insure everything works well
Aside from undergoing a thorough cleaning, refurbishing IT hardware means submitting the products to a battery of tests and fixing everything that needs to be fixed.

Products are "not" put back on the market until that process has been done and all retesting is successfully completed

Refurbished servers are backed by a solid warranty

As previously mentioned  and again, indicated in our article Differences between refurbished and used products, refurbished products are by definition used products.

When buying new, you get a product that’s under manufacturer warranty. The same can be said when buying refurbished. When buying refurbished servers, a reputable IT Hardware reseller will stand by the product they offer by offering a solid warranty on the product.

In the case of Data Telcom, our standard warranty is 1 year. Chances are you won’t encounter any problems with products we supply but, you can rest easy knowing that if you do, you are covered. Data Telcom will do everything in it’s power to resolve any issues you may encounter.

In conclusion

When buying used products, remember that although refurbished products are used, NOT all used products are refurbished!

Buying used servers means you get products at heavily discounted prices versus the cost of new ones.

When buying refurbished servers from Data Telcom, you get the best of both worlds. You get heavily discounted products that looks, feels and performs like new and a solid warranty on it, enabling you to rest easy knowing that you bought a quality product that won’t give you headaches!

Data Telcom specializes in selling and buybacks of networking and telecommunications equipment, servers, storage systems and associated peripherals from industry leaders such as Cisco, Juniper, Avaya, Extreme Networks, Brocade, Polycom, HPE, IBM, Lenovo, Dell and many others.

If you ‘re looking to buy reliable, efficient and above all inexpensive equipment or, you have equipment on hand that you no longer use, take advantage of our services. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Ask us for a quote and discover how buying IT hardware products from us can
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