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You’re looking for ways to SAVE MONEY and MAXIMIZE YOUR RETURNS on your IT equipment investments?

Data Telcom is the supplier that enables you to do just that!

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Pay WHOLESALE PRICES on networking products, servers, data storage systems and all their associated peripherals.

Data Telcom stands ready to assist at all times with your purchasing requirements.

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We will show you how purchasing IT products from Data Telcom can help you increase productivity levels, maintain, if not to say increase, your edge over your competition!

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Whether it's simply to purchase products or give you advice, our multidisciplinary and dynamic sales team of experts is standing-by to assist you at all times!

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Discover how buying IT hardware products from us can

Buyback program

Data Telcom is always on the lookout for buying oppotunities!

If you have old IT products you’re no longer using, take advantage of our asset recovery buyback program by using our online form.

Discover how you can

Our asset recovery buyback program is simple, fast and allows you to turn your old products that are no longer being used into cash
We are always on the lookout for IT equipment

Data Telcom's asset recovery buyback program is a great deal that REALLY gives you more returns on your investments!

Data Telcom enables you to turn your unused IT hardware into COLD HARD CASH!

Now THAT is a real return!

Is it time for an update or upgrade?

Have you considered quality pre-owned reseller refurbished equipment?

Consider buying refurbished products from Data Telcom and get up to 95% off the manufacturers' suggested retail price!

Buying quality reseller refurbished products enables you to get discounts up to 95% off the manufacturer's suggested retail price!

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