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We sell cutting edge technologies, as well as legacy IT hardware products, from market leading vendors. Whether new, refurbished or used, all are available at wholesale prices or better.

You're a reseller, a systems integrator or a service provider?

Becoming a customer of Data Telcom Technologies is easy and painless.

Just fill-in the following on-line form and click the submit button. You will then receive an email confirming that your request has been submitted and is being processed. A representative from our company will communicate with you soon after, to confirm your customer status.

Benefits of going ahead with the opening of account

Once your account is open, aside from being able to take advantage of the exceptional prices we offer on all the products we sell, you’ll  also be in a position to address the hardware needs of your customers, that regular channels are unable to fulfill.

With a global network of suppliers and access to over $60M of high-end inventory at all times, we are confident we can meet and deliver on virtually all your equipment requests.

Lastly and very important, we are not just there for you at the time of the sale. Since all the new, refurbished and used products from Cisco, Juniper, Avaya, Extreme Networks, HPE, IBM, Lenovo, DellEMC, Broadcom and many other industry leaders that we’re in a position to supply come with a minimum 1-year warranty, and we believe in strong long term and mutually profitable business relationships with our clientele, we are here to help and support you post-sales as well.

Our sales team stands ready to assist you at all times
Whether it's simply to purchase products or give you advice, our multidisciplinary and dynamic sales team of experts is standing-by to assist you at all times!

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