Differences between refurbished and used products

Don't be fooled! There are quite a few differences between refurbished and used products. Know what those differences are and rest easy.

Refurbished or used? When it comes to information technology hardware, the differences between the two CAN’T be ignored
Refurbished or used?

They may or may NOT look the same on the outside. Same can or CANNOT be true of what's on the inside. HOWEVER, there's a HUGE difference between the two.

Are you willing to take a chance and RISK PAYING THE PRICE just to save a few dollars?

As a business owner,an executive or just a responsible employee, just ask yourself how much are your corporate data and your company as a whole worth to you?

Differences between refurbished and used products?

Refurbished (or reconditionned) and used are two words that people often interchange. YET, they have two very different meanings!

Yes refurbished means it waspre-owned (i.e.: used) and was used in the past but, the differences between refurbished and used are by no means negligible!

What if someone offered you two identical products, one refurbished and one used. Are they really the same?

Our questions and answers (Q&A) articles may assist you in your decision-making process
You have questions? We've got answers AND, those answers can result in BIG SAVINGS for you!

The short answer is NO, they are not! The two products may look identical on the surface but, in reality, they are quite different!

Used products are sold “AS IS“. Meaning that, they might be physically damaged, some parts might be missing and in extreme cases, could be dead on arrival (DOA).

Whereas refurbished (or reconditionnned) products on the other hand:   

  • Have been thoroughly cleaned and tested
  • Bamaged and/or defective components were either repared or replaced
  • Documentation listing the various tests performed accompanies the products
  • Last but not least, the products being put back on the market come with a solid warranty

Bottom line, when you get refurbished products, they look and feel like new and you can count on them to work just as well!

You get what you pay for

You may get lucky and have no trouble when buying used instead of refurbished.

HOWEVER, considering that network and telecommunication equipment, servers and storage solutions are critical to your business running smoothly, its performance, continued growth and success, can you really afford to take that risk just to save just a few dollars?

This is an question that all business owners and IT managers must ask themselves otherwise, the result may be painful.

Our buyback program is a great opportunity for you to maximize your returns and the buyback process is quick and easy
Are you really ready to risk the health of your corporate data just to save a few dollars?
Making the wrong decision can be a very expensive mistake
The wrong decision can prove to be a VERY costly mistake for your business!

Just ask yourself this simple question;

How much does each hour of downtime due to equipment failures, cost my company?

Bear in mind, the costs involved “may” not just be limited to your business’ productivity levels!

Considering that:

  • Your business' reputation in the marketplace might also be affected
  • Customer relationships could be severely damaged or even lost
  • And other factors may also come into play

All this because in order to save a few dollars, used products were selected over refurbished ones.

Is it really worth it?!

Our approach

Our buyback program is simple, fast and allows you to turn your old products that are no longer being used into cash
Our business philosophy is simple, we aim for our customers' TOTAL and complete satisfaction!

Data Telcom’s business philosophy is very simple, TOTAL and complete customer satisfaction

Data Telcom is all about having a long term business partnership with its customers and repeat business between us. We want our customers to think of us next time they need to buy products.

And we’re not just there at the time of the initial sale, we are there for our customers at all times! Should a product become defective, we are still here for you.

Each of the reconditioned (or refurbished) products we supply has been thoroughly tested to ensure they work well, are equivalent to new products and are covered by our standard 1 year warranty.

In conclusion

Complete satisfaction and ability to relax comes from knowing you’ve made the right decision. We deliver on both
You can relax knowing that you've made the right decision!

You can relax and have peace of mind knowing that by selecting Data Telcom as a business partner for your IT purchases, you have made the right decision, both for yourself and your business!

Contact Data Telcom today and find out how we can meet, satisfy and even exceed your requirements and expectations!

Data Telcom specializes in selling and buybacks of networking and telecommunications equipment, servers, storage systems and associated peripherals from industry leaders such as Cisco, Juniper, Avaya, Extreme Networks, Brocade, Polycom, HPE, IBM, Lenovo, Dell and many others.

If you ‘re looking to buy reliable, efficient and above all inexpensive equipment or, you have equipment on hand that you no longer use, take advantage of our services. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Ask us for a quote and discover how buying IT hardware products from us can
Do you have old equipment you’re no longer using? Discover how, through our buyback program, you can
  • Get MONEY BACK for your old IT hardware products
  • Truly MAXIMIZE YOUR RETURNS on your IT equipment investments

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