Buyback program

We buy old IT equipment

Turn your old hardware that's no longer being used into a REVENUE STREAM. Take advantage of our buyback program and maximize your returns on investments.

Old hardware that's no longer in use and is just sitting around, is costing you money! And yet, that old equipment may still have value and can be turned into a revenue stream!

Our buyback program is simple, fast and allows you to turn your old products that are no longer being used into cash
Data Telcom's buyback program is a great deal that REALLY allows you more returns on your investments!
We are always on the lookout for IT equipment

Data Telcom enables you to turn your unused IT hardware into COLD HARD CASH!

Now THAT is a real return!

Data Telcom is always on the lookout for buying opportunities.

We offer fair market value for new, refurbished and used network and telecommunications equipment, servers, storage systems as well as all their associated peripherals.

If you have some decommissioned hardware you are no longer using, chances are there it still has some value! Why not use our hardware buyback service and see what you can get for it?

Using our buyback service for your used and decommissioned hardware, enables you to truly maximize your returns on investments. Why? Simple, supply and demand! If there is still a demand for your old product(s), we will give you money for them! Now THAT is a real return!

Not to mention that our buyback program is the PERFECT WAY for you to recycle! As a matter of fact, recycling your old hardware by remarketing it and having someone else benefit from its use is the best way to recycle!

How does the buybacks program work?

Data Telcom specializes in the following types of products:

Regardless of who the manufacturer of the product is, we are always interested in buyback opportunities for those types of equipment.

Our buyback program is a great opportunity for you to maximize your returns and the buyback process is quick and easy
Data Telcom's buyback process is very simple and quick.

It doesn't require much effort at all on your part. You supply us with all the information and we do all the heavy lifting!

It's that simple!

Getting the buyback process going is easy and painless.

  1. Just fill in the following form and hit submit.
  2. Data Telcom’s purchasing team will review your list of products and get back to you with an offer winthin 48-72hrs.
  3. Should the buyback offer Data Telcom presented to you be accepted
    • When the equipment is ready, at no charge to you, Data Telcom, will arrange for the product(s) to be picked up at your facility and brought back to our warehouse
      • If required, for an established fee, Data Telcom can make arrangements to have the hardware removed from your production environment, boxed up and prepared for shipment
  4. Upon receiving the hardware, Data Telcom will catalog, inspect and test the equipment.
    • Should there be any discrepancies between what you submitted to us and what was received or, should some of the items be defective, reports outlining those will be sent to you and the offer will be adjusted accordingly
  5. Once the inspection and tests are completed, as per the offer agreed upon and within 30 days, Data Telcom will issue a cheque for the equipment purchased.

Buyback request form

Contact information

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Please note that Data Telcom only sells to businesses
No minimum quantity required. Provide as much information as possible along with the quantity available, part number (if possible) and the vendor's name.
Optionally, if you already have all of your your equipment details in a document (Excel, Word, Texte or PDF), you can upload it here
Please indicate whether the products you're looking to sell are new or used
*** Note: When the product(s) become available will have an impact on the offer Data Telcom will present to you
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